Team Structure

At First Christian we have structured our church as indicated by the Bible and as it was with the New Testament church.  Elders and Deacons work together through their gifts to keep things running as smooth as possible and building up the body of believers. The Elders direct the affairs of the church and are shepherds to the flock (I Timothy 5:17 & I Peter 5:2). The Deacons are called to take care of the physical needs of the church and more importantly fellow Christians ( Acts 6:1-7).

Both Elders and Deacons work with the professional staff that administers and coordinates First Christian as it functions to fulfill God's purpose in our community. And we all work together with members and other volunteers to complete the work that God has laid before us. 

This is not an adversarial system, but instead a team structure that functions together. As a body needs all of its parts functioning together, (I Cor. 12:12-31) so does First Christian in Carmi from volunteers to professional staff.

At First, whether you are a member, staff, Elder or Deacon, we all work together to advance God's kingdom in each other, Carmi and the world. For more information or if you have questions click EldersDeaconsStaff.