About First Christian


Our mission is to live like Jesus to the glory of God.


Our vision is to advance God's Kingdom with truth and grace.


Our method is to make disciples who make disciples.


We value the authority of the inspired Word of God, both in practice and proclamation.
We value doing life together in the context of a spiritual life community.
We value ministry for everyone based on individual giftedness and passion.
We value prayer in all that we do.
We value the training of children and youth, beginning with the family.


First Christian Carmi began in 1851 with twelve charter members who envisioned a church of Jesus Christ dedicated to simple New Testament Christianity. The church continues to thrive today thanks to generations of dedicated men and women who served and sacrificed for the cause of Christ.

The stained glass picture seen on the background of this page was originally located in our downtown location. First Christian moved to its current home on the corner of Bohleber and Plum streets in 1970, and the "Ascension Window" was later added into the worship center.


As an independent Christian Church, we are staff led and elder protected. Our leadership is committed to creating an environment that allows Jesus to be glorified and disciples to be made.


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