Who can join a small group? 

Good news, anyone can join a group! You do not have to be a member of First Christian to be in a group! We want everyone who joins a group, whether you’ve been a Christian your entire life or you’re just interested in Jesus, to feel welcomed and encouraged by engaging with Groups at First Christian.

What should I expect when attending a group?

Groups get together weekly to discuss the same series of questions, but using different passages from the Bible. Each group is utilizing the Discovery Bible Study method and follows the same schedule. Each week, your group will look at an assigned passage of Scripture and answer the same questions.  No matter what group you join, you’ll be doing the same thing!

When do groups meet?

Groups can meet any day of the week! The schedule begins on Sunday and goes through the following Saturday. Different groups meet at different times, so you may want to choose a group that meets at a time that’s convenient for you.

Where do groups meet? 

Groups meet in a variety of locations, but usually they meet either in someone’s home or at the church in a classroom. Check your group’s page in our app or on the website to determine your group’s specific location, or contact your group leader.

Why small groups?

Jesus’ discipleship method consisted of investing in a few, who then in turn invest in others! Our plan at First Christian is to “Make Disciples Who Make Disciples,” and we feel like the best way to accomplish that is to follow Jesus’ method of discipleship. These groups prioritize discipleship over fellowship, so group sizes are limited to 8 people. There are other opportunities available to fellowship with the entire congregation!

How do I join a group?

Group lists are made available via our website & app, or by clicking the "Browse Groups" button below. The names of the groups are the name of the Group Facilitator. Anyone can find the list of groups, see group details, and RSVP to a group before the meeting time. If you need help finding a group, contact the church office and we’ll be happy to get you connected with a group.